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We at Pharmista Technologies are on a mission to disrupt the pregnancy testing market which has not been reinvented in over 30 years. To achieve this, we are developing a reusable pregnancy test that is based on a patented platform technology, enabling repeated detection of the target analyte. With 90 % of women being interested in replacing todays solutions with our innovation, we are dedicated towards realising this product in the best possible way!

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In order to gain information about the most important happening, experience and choice in a persons life, women have been turning to the at-home pregnancy test for decades. The problem is that available tests are either expensive per use or poor in quality, aside from being single-use only. This ultimately leads to many needs being unmet, where this problem is related to incumbents fear of jeopardising stable revenue streams and female-health being a vastly underinvested area. This creates a blind spot in the market which we intend to meet.

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We want to provide customers with a “thermometer” for pregnancy testing, being easy to interpret, hygienic to use and 99% accurate at the day of expected menstruation. This in turn will increase convenience-levels, reduce our customer's spendings on their reproductive health, minimise the risk of miss-interpreting the results, and lastly, be beneficial for the environment.

Once successfully developed, we plan to employ the same technology onto other diagnostic areas where reusability would be advantageous.

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The pregnancy test is the most commonly used diagnostic test in the world where the market is expected to be worth $1.5 Billion. Still, no major innovation has occurred since the first at home pregnancy test entered the market in 1976. Until now...

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