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We at Pharmista Technologies are on a mission to revolutionize women's health by disrupting the pregnancy testing market which has not been reinvented in over 30 years. To achieve this, we will develop a reusable pregnancy test that is based on a platform technology we are currently in the phase of patenting. With 90 % of women being interested in replacing todays solutions with our innovation, we are dedicated towards realising this product in the best possible way!

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Our vision is to develop a female-centric and sustainable pregnancy test for customers around the world. This will increase convenience-levels, reduce our customer's spendings on their reproductive health, minimise the risk of miss-interpreting the results, and lastly, be beneficial for the environment.

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Pregnancy tests are the most commonly used diagnostic device in the world. For instance, it is estimated that 840 million tests are sold annually where the market is expected to be worth $2.1 Billion. Still, no major innovation has occurred since the first at home pregnancy test entered the market in 1976. Until now…

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